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Nulli Secundus looks for a better way. We take concepts to innovation and thereby create new products and methods of use. We have evolved during the past 20 years from strictly devising medical instrumentation and methods to our current broader philosophy.

We endeavor to perceive a need and how it can work. This is the way invention begins. Beginning with only an idea (e.g. improved wound healing, atraumatic tissue dissection techniques or extended vision).We apply for patents and trademarks to the U.S. Patent Office for exclusive legal right to license, manufacture and sell our products and methods of use. When patents are granted, the priority of invention is established.

However, to be successful a need must exist and be very important, often to a large number of individuals (I.O.N. rating). However, the ensuing invention must be understood and accepted with enthusiasm and then professionally prototyped, styled, manufactured, distributed and sold. Our function is essentially to teach ordered methods of invention and share our knowledge and experience. In this way, we can help you invent as well.

We are anxious and willing to license our patents and are actively seeking experienced and creditable companies to market, manufacture and distribute the products. Thereby, we hope to provide financially rewarding opportunities. Our background can be further accessed Our fax number is 313-259-1841, phone 313-259-1575.

Respectfully, Joseph J. Berke, M.D., Ph.D.


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