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Intelligence is the ability to understand and evaluate the information and situations to which one is exposed.

Amy Berke

THINK R "Give me a name" Is the name of this game. Feature a product, a process or claim Count the number of names Set the times* for the game, Then find the right name as your best claim to fame. *Stop and go
BURKE'S LAW "Anything I do not know thoroughly, might work"
Examples - for Puff a. the smart carrier b. the energy filter c. the hydroscopic matrix d. the absorption layer e. the measurement functions f. the contracting cover g. the protective sealer h. the regulated texture i. the photic porosity.
MARKET VACUUM It can be said that consumer wants result from a disequilibrium between the nature and the frequency of the problems faced by the consumer on the one hand, and on the other the perceived attractiveness and the measure of advertised performance of the old and new products offered in the marketplace. The consumer choice, reflecting his wants, is based on his sense of values and the level of expectation he can afford. When the technological answer to this want is a poor performer, or is not available or is only available at a price the consumer cannot afford, there is a Market Vacuum. Market Vacuums present tremendous opportunities to Creative Management. George H. Muller From - "Run Flat Systems, A Conceptual Synopsis" Society of Automotive Engineers - Detroit Cobo Hall International Congress

Intelligence --- the quickness and ease which one can solve a problem.

Matt Turner

MUELLER'S COROLLARY "Anything if I do it right might work"

There is a destiny that makes us brothers None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others Comes back into our own. Edwin Markham

A man is born and so is his dream of life's ambition it would seem but its realization begins away at school where living to study is the only rule A preamble of 50 Golden Years The end of school becomes the start of practical learning that is the heart of an intern's adventure with patient care, of diagnosis, treatment and with illnesses rare The knowledge of 50 golden years Continuing experience in a residents role a sergeon's career has begun to unfold as working hours in the O.R. pass the surgical skills began to amass A pattern of 50 Golden Years After founding an office for patient care the sick of the neighborhood came flocking there the solace, the treatment and medicines too the problems of everyone were laid before you As the deeds of 50 Golden Years The office stays busy through the daylight then it is rounds at the hostpital, housecalls at night the weekends are spent on insurance calls and carrying your bag through the Whitte




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